Monday, February 20, 2012

A sweet Day

Simplicity is opulent!
It's so beautiful out today, the bouquet reflects my mood. It's quiet in the studio today. A little bit of the commercial side of my life for a bit and then onto some exciting Melpomene work! Over the weekend I designed and made a new purse called PETITE BOURSE... (little purse). From vintage striped twill in faded sea glass blue, stone and khaki colors, a little surprise of old trim and a leather strap! Pictures will come soon I promise. Also refined my "Couche Couche' Skirt! A skirt for everyone... All for the Melpomene Shop soon....

I am so fortunate to have a large fabric/upholstery shop nearby which has been around so long it has vintage trims and old fabrics... I visit often and wonder around. My favorite tables are the remnant tables... And old bins of vintage swatch fabrics. Oh my. So lots of playtime for me in there! The trim department is isle after isle of library shelves filled with trims. Old and New! Gorgeous!

I am definitely inspired to create something when I spot a fabric or trim. It just shouts out to me. "OOh purse, or cushion, skirt or hat..." It's there! I must say though I am thinking that the items I will share with you for sale will be one of a kind (maybe 3 or 4 will be available but all handmade with their very own twist of fate).

Have a great week, and breathe in some fresh air. I send you kisses.
Images from Miss Wall Flower