Thursday, February 16, 2012

Old journey but a new venue!

Well, I have been so busy lately and have been working hard on some very commercial projects. I have found that I don't have the time to create for me, so I am launching a new venue for myself. I really shouldn't be adding to my already hectic life but I think this is part of my soul that will not hide anymore. As a seamstress and designer of my own wardrobe (which I have always done even at times when I didn't think I had the energy or time); a need for crochet, beading, embroidery and stitching!! So this is not something added to my plate but enhancing it all!
When I travel, work in the shows for paper gifts, quilts and fabrics I always get these amazing comments about my dress or my bag or my necklace... sometimes they are purchased (like my favorite jewelry designer Laurie Lenfesty of Bittersweet Designs), but for the most part I made these items. Many folks have said the same thing "Where can I get this?". Well maybe it's time...
thus I have opened an Etsy store to keep it clear and away from my commercial work for Cid Pear, Dept 56 and Westminster Fibers textiles; and given it a beautiful name - my grandmother's and now my daughter's middle name, MELPOMENE. Pronounced MEL-POM-ANY. A greek muse from ancient times.

So here on this online journal I shall give this project, I call Melpomene, a voice and a visual exploration of inspiration. I hope you enjoy. For the moment there is nothing in the Etsy store but I will fill it very soon! Stay tuned and wish me luck......
PS here's an inspiration board!