Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Prairie by Rachael Ashwell / Seminar 2012

Every room had one of these!

As well as these!

Tiny store at the Inn - gorgeous! All the beds looked like this in the Inn too!

Apparently the little building the store is housed in was moved from one property to the Prairie... Amazing!
So after being swept away to another land called Texas, I was excited to quietly wander from room to room viewing the incredible simplicity and beauty of the Prairie Inn!  Rachael Ashwell is a visionary and if you know Shabby Chic you know who she is. With 8 books, an international brand and some enormous complicated growth issues and how she put things behind to start again. Her story is remarkable and I think took a strong individual to keep moving through it all and open her 4 new stores in London, NY, LA and the petite store on her property in Round Top Texas. A delight!

Prairie by Rachael Ashwell
She really is soulful, and we lucky odd 20 + women got to see her inspiration through her eyes, her sense of touch in her fabrics and an amazing 4 days of rose scented rooms. Her Inn is nestled in the meadows of Texas between Houston and Austin, and down a long windy dirt road. It was lovely to appear at the gate, and see the purple headed blue bonnets as far as the eye could see.  It was a cloudy day on friday but warm and you could smell the wet grass and slight smell of spring.

I have to say I am invigorated, since my little journey to Round Top, and rejuvinated in many wats! Even my hair is curly again, don't ask. So here I sit about to head into my corporate lifestyle with conference calls and busy schedules, deadlines and marketing to-dos. But all is good in the studio after what I just saw! And wow, am I ready to launch my clothing, handbags, totes and accessories to you... This weekend has given me a shove right out of the door!
Go to it!

Love you all, see you soon
ps I'll be posting more about my stay at the Prairie