Monday, July 16, 2012


Prairie Collection
I have had a busy few weeks as usual. Also loads of reflection in molding my couture collection. The linens are gorgeous by the way! A frilly frock from the Spring 2013 collection in rose pink linen, won THE BEST DRESS AWARD as I walked through the floors at the Atlanta Gift Show! No kidding, a woman in her booth walked right up to me and stuck a POST IT NOTE on my shoulder! {Needless to say I never met this woman before}, she said "I award thee the Best Dress Award!" And all her neighbors in their booths hoorayed and clapped! So cute! Yes this is what happens at market! Such lovely people.
Anyway, and yes the dress got loads of compliments. So goody! Well, after the Atlanta show, we met up with Kev's dad and step-mom and we picked up the twins who'd spent a whole week in Florida with them! And we drove home. I am not a car person! Road trips and I do not jive!!! And I sketched all the way home. Glad to have my kidlets with me again.
And saturday evening I rolled around in bed and dreamed of a dress using my textile prints. I woke all tusseled and a mess, Kev brought me coffee as he usually does, and looked at me sideways! "What's going on?"
Well, after the coffee was down, a quick check on what's happening on Pinterest and my tumblr project and I was off, up the stairs into the studio! And the dress above was the result in an hour or so! I then laundered it to put all the wrinkles in and scrunch it all up! I love it. It's the beginning!

I'm serious! I am off and running! Today we are making up a bunch of these for the fall markets in NY. I am meeting with a new national sales rep who I am very excited about, and can't wait to see how the Spring 2013 collection finally comes together. Of course with the linens and solids, but also injected with this messy mismatched look that may just be a new signature! Or evolution of the line!

I designed another today, and cant wait to see it made up! I want it now I tell you! We'll post more pics as soon as possible! hehe!

I send you love and kisses this summery day!