Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soup Dish Collection

Soup Dish

Actually it's a small bowl collection - My jewelry features very old pieces as focal points from 1900s turn of the century, loads of 1920s art deco pieces and cabs, brooches and more, so we are constantly getting collections from estate sales and vintage shops, among other amazing sources... But as I personally scout I also seemingly always come away with small little bowls. This one is a recent purchase and now holds aquamarine stones. Julie is making this one - isn't it gorgeous? (One on the right?)  So the jewelry studio is now filled with these little bowls and we use them to place the stones, findings and bits and bobs we use to make each necklace or earring...
Hope to see you this August in NY!
{Left} Rhinestone Flapper, 1920s piece with pretty amazonite stones and sterling
{Right} Porcelain and brass piece 1930s, citrine and aquamarine stones