Friday, March 22, 2013

Marburger Farms Antique Festival

If you don't know about this secret... you need to know now! Twice a year in Round Top Texas (between Austin and Houston) is the most amazing festival of incredible antique fairs, markets and everything inbetween! This is where Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic has her amazing Prairie Inn B and B and where she shops flea market style for years now. This is where she finds all of those pink dressers, and rose paintings, lace lamp shades and so much more. Or if you're into the whole Americana thing... well can you say old time QUILTS... OH yes! And then there's the French Provincial pieces and old English style pieces... From rugs to furniture, architectural finds and old jewelry. It's an amazing time, and in the middle of this 4 week event is MARBURGER FARM. Here's where the creme de la creme of the antiques are found... and folks fly in for the day to visit!!! So folks from every neck of the woods, globe and well, all types of wallets. Collectors, decorators, stores wanting to prop for the year, film industry set designers and so many more...
Kev and I are lucky enough to be spending several days out there, and we're so excited about our partnership with the most amazing little store in Round Top called MimiBella. Romantic, sweet and gorgeous store in a little house!!! Well part of the store now houses a delicious and enormous collection of Tina Givens Couture, as well as Cid Pear stationery... and we can't wait!

If you have a pocket of time between April 2-7, pop in and see us! And oh, visit the country's best antique fairs ever!